Will I have access to the Internet at any point during the “Cloud Forests to Añangu” Photography Tour in Ecuador?

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

Free Wi-Fi internet is available from your room at the Sebastian Hotel in Quito. The main lodge of the Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge is also wired for Wi-Fi. If you are traveling with a laptop computer, you will find Wi-Fi access in the waiting salon of VIP Airlines in Quito. VIP will be our carrier from Quito to the Napo river port town of Puerto Francisco de Orellana (Coca). If you are not traveling with a laptop, you may use the internet suites at the San Sebastian Hotel and Bellavista Lodges. The San Sebastian Hotel is located very close to several internet cafes with computers, Skype and long-distance phone service.

A growing cellular network of repeating towers is spreading throughout Ecuador. This is a topic that invites discussion on many levels. Today, cellphones with the appropriate SIM cards, and GPS capabilities, can now be obtained in wilderness areas of Ecuador. Raw Rainforest Photography Tours is currently developing an informational handout regarding handheld device reception along our tour itineraries.

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