Where can I change money in Ecuador?

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

Ecuador has became “dolarizado” (dollarized) in early 2000. They use United States paper money, and issue their own coins in familiar 50 cent and one dollar denominations. Their coins can be used interchangeably with U.S. coins and currency. Merchants may not accept bills of $50 or $100, and even bills or 10 or 20 dollars are examined with a special pen. Visit a bank to change large bills.

Most ATM machines in Quito are members of the STAR network, but it may be safer to complete those transactions at ATMs which are located inside banks. Selected banks in Quito provide cash advances from major credit cards, but consider this a last resort. Cash advances accrue interest at a much higher rate, and in many cases, credit card issuers will not allow advances to be paid off until the regular card balance is paid in full.

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