What kind of clothes should I bring?

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

In general, your best choices are lightweight garments that breathe and dry quickly, and you’ll want a mix of long sleeves and short sleeves. A light polartec and a good rain jacket are also good to have. For meals, it’s informal here at the lodges and in the country in general. A pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a clean shirt are just fine for dinner. Lightweight hiking boots are fine for your photography out in the field, and if you’re visiting a beach area, you will want sandals or aqua shoes as well. Many of the lodges we use offer laundry service for a cost of approximately $1 per garment with next day service. Of course a good hat and sunscreen are important. At 8 to 10 degrees north of the equator the sun is strong, even on cloudy days.

Rubber boots will be provided at the lodges, and recommended if you expect to encounter muddy conditions. Consider bringing a pair of gel insoles or your custom orthotics to improve fit and comfort.

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