What about tips for our hosts and food servers? How much should I give to drivers, hotel staff, guides, etc.?`

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

At restaurants and lodges in Ecuador, you are expected to leave a tip of at least one dollar, but three dollars is fine. There is no standard that tips be a certain percentage of the table receipt. At the Bellavista and Añangu lodges, management prefer you place all tips into a fund that is shared equally among all lodge service and support staff.

The “Cloud Forest to Añangu” itinerary includes your drivers for the airport transfer in Quito to the Sebastian Hotel and your luxury van to and from Bellavista Lodge. Drivers and Sebastian hotel staff (bellhops, bartenders, concierge) would appreciate a tip of one to five dollars if you feel anyone provided good service.

Bruce will be assisted by an expert Ecuadorian ornithologist who is intimately familiar with Yasuni National Park. His services are included in your itinerary, but a tip of $10-15 per person per day is appropriate. The motorized canoe pilots or “motoristas” who will take us from Coca to the mouth of the Añanguyacu River can expect a tip of two to five dollars per participant, however tips for the Añangu community members who will paddle you up the Añanguyacu river may be placed into the general tip fund at the lodge.

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