I shoot film. Can I find film and processing in Ecuador?

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Yes you may shoot slide film, and Fuji slide film is still available in a couple shops still in Ecuador, but be forewarned that slide processing is now very expensive in Ecuador as it has become around the world with the shift toward digital photography. Plan to bring all your film, and maybe add another 40% on top of that. You need to be covered in the event a family of monkeys decide to “pose” for you one day. If you like to shoot the “grainier” higher-ASA films, you should carry those rolls in a special lead-lined pouch available at fine camera outlets or mail-order houses like BH Photo Video in New York (see the Links section on this website).

Your leader Bruce Farnsworth went fully digital in 2005. Prior to this, his favorite slide films were Fuji Velvia (ISO 50) and Kodak’s Ektachrome 100VS for saturated color work. For a bit more speed and lower contrast in nature work, he used Fuji’s Provia 100, sometimes pushed to ISO 200. Kodak slide films in 35mm film format are a thing of the past now.

Slide film prices run between $8-10 per roll today in Quito. Quito’s Fujifilm distributor is located on Avenida Amazonas 14-29, just north of Avenida Colón. Their local phone is 254-6527. They have typically maintain refrigerated stocks of Fuji Velvia (ISO 50) and Fuji Provia (ISO 100). Fotorama are good people.

The proliferation of digital photography in Ecuador has rendered slide processing equipment almost obsolete. Last time I checked, Fujifilm-Quito charges  $1.70 PER FRAME for E-6 slide film procesing (that’s right, per frame!) For E-6 and print processing, I highly recommend Fotorama which is where I processed my film. Fotorama is about 150 yards down Avenida Roca from Quito’s Catholic University. Print film is still reasonably priced and there are print labs all along Avenida Amazonas south of Colón. The people at Fujifilm will print a roll of 36 exposures and give you 4×6 prints for about $10.oo.  For $6.00 (processing included), you can have those images burned to a CD, a convenient format if you plan to email or upload them to your favorite online photo album site.

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