How do I make international calls from Ecuador?

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Internet cafes are all the rage in Quito, and cheaper than dialing from a hotel room. These shops have computers for email, telephones for affordable direct dialiing (which is paid for when you leave). Average rates start at around US $1-2 per hour. Most internet cafes offer Skype for around US $0.30 per minute. Most have Skype with internet headsets so that you can video chat with family and friends back home. Non-Ecuadorian cellphones will not provide long-distance service in Ecuador unless a compatible SIMM card (phone data card) is available in Ecuador. Consult your cellphone carrier for more information.

The Ecuadorian phone companies Porta and MoviStar have shops throughout the city with phone booths. You can also purchase their pre-paid cards. Many international phone cards will also work in Ecuador. A locally available option, the Andinatel card, is one of the easiest and cheapest. You will be able to make a phone call of approximately 15 minutes to the US with one $6 card. The cards are available at most hotels and tourist-related establishments.  Note: iPhones purchased in the U.S. may not be effective in Ecuador. You should use a SIMM card from Ecuador, and you will not have warranty service in Ecuador.

We will orient you to your options once you arrive in Quito. Your Raw Rainforest Photography Tours guide, driver, or local hotel staff will be happy to help you purchase a phone card.

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