Can I drink the water?

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

This is probably the question that our clients ask us the most. And it’s the one for which we have the least definitive answer. Water in and around the capital area is treated with chlorine and generally can be consumed with no worries. The lodges that we use for our photo travel often have their own well water, which is tested regularly by the Ministry of Health. Nonetheless, upset stomachs do occur as a result of change in diet or simply bacteria different from those to which Northern stomachs are accustomed. Serious disorders such as Giardia or amoebic dysentery are virtually unheard of.

Bottled water is very widely available, and a good strategy would be to use it as often as possible when outside Quito. As with travel to any foreign country, immodium pills are good to have along, and some of our clients also bring along Cipro or other broad-spectrum antibiotics. Some go so far as to begin taking antibiotics before arriving in Ecuador. We will orient you to your options once you arrive in Quito. For antibiotic use, we suggest you consult with your physician.

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