Bruce’s Rainforest Photography Gear & Accessories…

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  • Two Canon 5D Mark II bodies (interchangeable lens camera with aperture & shutter control
  • Extra batteries for your camera (fully-charged!)
  • Wide-angle zoom lens (20-35, 24-105)
  • Macro lens (100mm)
  • Telephoto zoom lens (70-200)
  • Super teleophoto (300 mm/ f2.8)
  • Super telephoto (500mm f/4.0)
  • TTL Strobe
  • Back-up strobe
  • Off-camera dedicated TTL flash cord
  • Flash extender accessory (e.g. Better Beamer)
  • Small bright flashlight (attach to strobe for focusing)
  • Small “Flexfill” collapsible fabric reflector
  • Tripod with ground-level capability (Gitzo carbon graphite model)
  • Electronic cable release
  • Polarizer filter
  • Camera backpack with built-in rain cover (LowePro)
  • Waterproof memory card holder
  • Lots of memory cards (2-4 Gb each). Don’t put all your work on one huge card!
  • Laptop computer or portable image bank
  • Memory card reader
  • Heavy-duty plastic ziploc bags
  • Lens tissue and lens cleaning fluid
  • Notebook and pen/pencil (in ziploc bag)
  • Hat, sunscreen, comfortable clothes , rain poncho
  • Lighweight hiking shoes & gel insoles to cut to size and place in rubber boots at lodge

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