Links: Ecuador Travel Information

These websites provide a wealth of background information for travelers headed to Ecuador and the upper Amazon basin.

Airfare to Ecuador
Contact America’s Travel Agency in San Francisco, California. They have consistently provided great fares to Ecuador. You’ll get great rates on American Airlines as well. Flights may have one connection in either Costa Rica or Panama, depending on the ticket.

American Airlines Baggage Policies (South America To/From U.S.)
This page includes important information on baggage guidelines, and costs for extra bags, oversized bags and specialty items. If you’re having a tough time deciding what to bring, please contact Bruce.

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance will protect you in the event of flight cancellation, lost luggage, even loss of work that leads to a change in travel plans. Good plans will also provide international emergency evacuation coverage. This is a link to one company offering a range of plans.

U.S. State Department – Ecuador Travel Information
The U.S. State Department maintains this updated website organized nicely with demographic data, historical/governmental overview, economy and U.S. – Ecuador relations information. There are several links for the U.S. and Ecuador governments as well as travel advice and business information.

CIA World Factbook: Ecuador
The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency maintains a comprehensive set of geographic and demographic data on Ecuador and every country in the world.

U.S. Library of Congress Country Studies: Ecuador
This website describes the political, social, economic and institutiional makeup of Ecuador. The focus is on the origin of the Ecuadorian people and their values, beliefs and attitudes toward each other, their society and their government.

Centers for Disease Control
Health Information for travelers. Simply choose Ecuador as your destination from the drop-down menu. You can also indicate special needs in the drop-down menu entitled “What kind of traveler are you?” The CDC site also has links to specialty travel medicine clinics throughout the United States.

Weather Online (UK)
Four and eight day forecasts for Tiputini, Ecuador. This community is named for one of the principal rivers of Amazonian Ecuador which flows through the Yasuní National Park, and is located just south of the Añangu community you will visit. Note: Temperatures can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit at the upper right of the temperature chart.