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I created this video to introduce you to my work as a conservation photographer. At Raw Rainforest, we’re focused on benefiting rainforest communities through responsible tourism and providing a diverse photographic experience. My friends tell me I come across a bit serious here, but that’s just because I’m so passionate about this topic. There’s nothing I enjoy more than providing a connection to our host communities, sharing in the serendipity of the rainforest and having great conversations along the way!

I’m an editorial conservation photographer and zoologist focusing on wilderness and community-based conservation initiatives in the upper Amazon basin. My feature and assignment work has included such magazines as National Geographic, Wilderness, Smithsonian, Outdoor Photographer, Harvard’s ReVista and The Nature Conservancy and my images have appeared in numerous textbooks, calendars and exhibits. Photographs I made near our tour location were used extensively in the Discovery Channel travel guide “Rainforests.” I’m very excited to be a major contributor to the forthcoming book series “Wildlife of the Amazon” by veteran Amazon biologist Michael Goulding. Michael’s project will be the first comprehensive photographic field guide to the vertebrate fauna of the Amazon basin.

What’s special about Raw Rainforest?

With Raw Rainforest, I believe we’ve created an innovative concept for photography workshops that is truly immersive. Our tours and workshops explore a wide range of subject matter and locations that address the cultural and biological diversity for which these environments are known. We have a rich tour that educators, artists and natural history enthusiasts find very engaging. We might visualize images in creative exercises, or head out on thematic forays, but there is always time for independent photography and solitude. Art allows us to explore many topics in the rainforest story. As a facilitator, I help my clients create personal photo-essays and lifetime memories, while learning from our hosts. We don’t hop from location to location. Rather, our style is to settle into a couple amazing places.

Your experience as a photographer builds on the trust and personal relationships I’ve established with our hosts

The Napo River valley region of Amazonian Ecuador has been a second home for me. While completing Master’s work in Environmental Education, I worked as a professional guide and consultant to NGO’s in the region. As an employee of the Ecuadorian government, I served as the Coordinator for the Centre for the Interpretation of Amazonian Ecuador. Those were transformative experiences for me. Working alongside lowland Quichua colleagues and Ecuadorian biologists, we developed a zoological park and botanical garden with educational programs designed for both Ecuadorian and international tourists. As a highly-qualified art instructor (California State University, Fullerton) and former park ranger with the National Park Service, I’ve got a knack for leading groups in wilderness settings, simplifying the complex and facilitating experiences that are personally meaningful for my clients. I enjoy providing insights into the ecological relationships and animal behaviour that we observe in the rainforest, and helping clients with context and captioning.

Currently, I’m completing a Ph.D. in Educational Foundations & Research. My research focuses on place-based learning theory, culturally-responsive practices in eco-tourism and advocating for the visual narrative in conservation education. As a board member of the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute, a grass-roots 501(c)(3) organization, I’m devoted to protecting wilderness rivers and watershed of the upper Amazon basin through our education and hydro-logic monitoring projects.  You can read more about ERI in my blog.  I’m a project photographer for the Blue Earth Alliance and a professional member of the International Eco-Tourism Society and the American Educational Research Association. I have presented at the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) annual conference on the use of ecological photography to produce student-centered projects and promote local/urban nature reserves.

Please visit Bruce Farnsworth.com and click on the “Image Info” tab at the lower right of each of the full-size portfolio images for an educational behind-the-scenes description. As photographers, we can capture attention and follow through with a story.

We look forward to guiding you to a superb photographic experience on either our summer tour “From the Cloud Forest to Añangu” or a customized group booking. Sign up for our mailing list, and feel free to call or write with any questions or comments!
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