Spiders are Beautiful!

by Bruce Farnsworth - 0 Comments

This spider is known as the Huntsman, and I photographed this it in Yasuní National Park one of my night hikes. Participants in my tours consistently enjoy the discoveries made at night on the trails adjacent to our lodge, when amphibians and other small hunters come out before our cameras.

Measuring about four to five inches in length, it is a strikingly beautiful as it is stealthy. I watched this one for at least a good half hour as it waited for an insect to approach. Then the spider, coated in a velvety track suit of dense orange hairs, pounced on its prey.

Closeups like this are made possible by mounting a bright flashlight onto the strobe with a rubber band or a strap of velcro. In this way, you can focus easily, but more importantly, since the light is attached to the strobe, you have a real-time preview of your lighting results. Personally, I like this Versabrite light made by Pelican because like all of their products, it is waterproof.


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