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A29838BfGreetings All,

I’m enjoying the immediacy of this blog already – what a great way to communicate with editors and workshop participants alike!  You know it was only in July 2006 that I fully converted to digital photography.  Blogs are just another part of the new digital technology and online publishing.  I recently attended Photo District New’s “On the Road”seminar in Santa Monica, CA and the use of online marketing tools such as blogs, email blasts and web-galleries was a major focus.  I really like what Brian Storm of Media Storm is doing with video and Final Cut Pro production of stills recorded concurrently with sound.  I am planning a shift in that direction with new conservation photography projects in Ecuador.

I thought this image of a pre-Incan petroglyph might be a fun anchor for the blog premiere.  We could venture to say this was the earliest form of blogging, leaving messages in a single place where others could come and visit. I made this photograph during an expedition with archeologists from Ecuador’s Museo de Arqueologia Weilbauer to document and catalog important rock art sites in the upper Amazon basin before they are lost to vandalism and erosion.

I suppose my next bit of news should be the  fact that I’m nearing completion of the photography tour website – which will be linked to my main website at Recently, my work was published in a special rainforest edition of Germany’s Geo Lino magazine, and in several textbook uses. In addition to the conservation projects I’ll describe in this blog, I am looking at a couple wildlife photography projects in Ecuador.  One recent breakthrough has been the first radio-telemetry study of a very strange and captivating animal of the lowland, terra-firme rainforest.  In the meantime, stay tuned here for conservation updates, workshop information, photo tips and recent publications of my work as I get started blogging.

All the best!


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